Friday, February 24, 2006

Introducing Contributors to My Link

Poppybarb, one of my best friends from our high school gang. She's artsy, trendy, and always with funky hair. I start dropping pounds if I hang out with her because she gets full just by smelling the food...

This picture includes pretty much every SOP club member, but the founder, Laifu, is actually not present here. Daniel, aka Dorothy's fake cousin, is the main contributor to the Cornell gang's blog--SoyMilk and Fried Bread Stick. Daniel can be sarcastic sometimes, but he is always philosophical and willing to give people sound advices. (Just that I don't always listen to him =p)

Wen, the first Taiwanese girl I met in law school. Yeah, finally after two years in Carlisle, there is someone around for me to have girls talks in Chinese.

Chiayuun and Wendy. we were roommates in college for two years. Wendy's undergrad major was Econ, and she then earned a business degree in London. Now she is studying traditional Chinese medicine in China. Chiayuun went to Holland for a year or two, but we met up in DC a while ago. Well, I'll assume her current residence is Taiwan, but I wouldn't be surprised if I run into her in Geneva. I think living in that room brings you some kind of luck to travel around the world...

Icy Grace is my sister Grace. But I actually go by her Chinese name instead of Grace, so it's like I am mad at her when I call her name. Grace is the best dancer I know personally. The coolest thing is that she'll just yell at me when I do stupid things. For example, when I don't know how to get rid of the blue underline thing...

Tammy and Jerry are my law school friends. I had to refrain from screeming when someone passed me a note--"Tammy is engaged" in Advocacy class. Then after class, I had to fake my first reaction in front of Tammy when she informed me about the good news. By the way, Tammy and I should have a competition about who turns red first after the first drink.


Blogger danio said...

cool post :)

the blue underline joke cracks me up :p

5:26 PM  
Blogger 陶樂絲鄧 said...

D, it's honestly NOT a joke...

5:27 PM  
Blogger danio said...

well..since i am "sarcastic" , it's okay for me to call it a joke. (i prefer being witty than sarcastic)

5:41 PM  
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