Friday, September 02, 2005

Law school lessons

I've learned more than doing legal researches and drafting legal memorandums in law school. Here are some examples:

1. Law school exams—Never ignore counter arguments

When you take a law school exam, never write down answers like, “Yes, A can sue B” or “A will win the case". No matter how strong your arguments are for one side, there must be counter arguments for another side, or other sides. There is just no single answer to real life situations.

2. Classroom participations—Confidence comes from serious preparation

First year law students often panic when professors use the so-called “Socratic Method” in class, meaning the professor will start questioning a student once the student opens his or her mouth. The reality is that you won’t embarrass yourself in front of your classmates as long as you sound confident. Keep in mind that nobody can be confident without serious preparation.

3. Job search—Find the right match

Searching for a job is like searching for a boyfriend. If the job thinks you are not good enough for it, that job is not good. Jobs that pay well are not always the best choice either. All you need is to find the right match, which is a job that makes you special and happy.

4. Coffee—Necessary evil

Take a look at my schedule

--Outline Advocacy assignment
--Corporations: Read pp139-170
--International Trade: Read pp340-368; GATT Art XXIII
--Writing and Editing: Test on parts of speech
--1:00~5:00 Work at Harrisburg
--6:00 APALSA meeting
--Gym: Chest/Abs

When you don't have time to sleep, Coffee is a necessary evil.


Anonymous Seetoo said...

However, I want to add something to the observation no.2.

The only thing that matters in your grading is your final exam. your class participation has little or no effect on your grade. So you don't have to be embarrassed if you couldn't answer the professor's question, just write a good exam and you will be fine.

10:01 PM  
Blogger Icy Gracy said...

I have all the respect for the fact that you prepare for class participations. Not only is it a form of contribution to classroom learning (when you have good things to say of course), but it also shows your professors and peers that you take the classes seriouslly. All the respect, sis.

2:42 PM  
Blogger danio said...

me being the 碎碎唸 cousin. should drink less coffee la if you can . In a way, coffee works like drug which might be able to give u a quick fix, but i believe your body will still need to pay for it one day.

anyway..just 碎碎唸

6:12 PM  
Blogger Richard said...

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2:45 PM  
Blogger Richard said...

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2:46 PM  
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