Friday, June 02, 2006

Random Updates

Okay I haven't wrote anything new for 3 weeks, meaning Tammy & Jerry might kick me out from their list of links, so I guess it's time to do some random updates.

I've moved to Falls Church, VA, but I still need to change my Pennsylvania license plate to Virginia's. In other words, I need to change the title of my car, re-register, and get a new driver's license...Oh what a pain...

My Daily Routine
1. Wake up at 7am, catch the shuttle to the Metro Station & travel to George Washington U, buy my coffee & bagel, at the Bar-Bri lecture until 1pm.

2. Go home and study until 9:30~10-ish

3. Get out of my apartment, take the elevator and workout at the gym downstairs

4. Pass out before 12:30, which is abnormally early for me.

Things I Miss About Carlisle
1. Having a Super Walmart around

2. The gas price

3. Bars in walking distance

4. Attention from old town people...