Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Dorothy's 10 Tips For The Loser Competition

So there's a Loser Competition going on. Well, since I was always the bigger girl growing up (yeah, fat Dorothy) until developing my interest in fitness, I'd love to share some tips to keep everybody fit & healthy.

1. Eat breakfast—get your metabolism going

2. More meals in much smaller portions
—never hungry, yet never full

3. Count calories (but don’t go crazy)

4. Less processed food—whole grains (rice, oatmeal) are better than bread and pasta; fruits are better than juice; snack on baby carrots/yogurts/nuts instead of chips/ice cream/candies

5. Good postures all time

6. Run—this is a no-brainer, the more you run, the more calories you burn. I usually log 10~15 miles per week.

7. Do Yoga/Pilates—Well, I don’t do it on a regular basis, but I’d pick up Yoga/Pilates moves on magazines and try them while stretching.

8. Adjust your workout intensity
—once your physical strength improves, increase the intensity of your workout.

9. Drink lots of water

10. Be patient

Sunday, December 17, 2006

What Mythological Creature Are You?

You Are a Pegasus

You are a perfectionist, with an eye for beauty.
You know how to live a good life - and you rarely deviate from your good taste.
While you aren't outgoing, you have excellent social skills.
People both admire you - and feel very comfortable around you.

Okay I am just trying to keep up my blog postings... bear with me until something real interesting comes up!