Sunday, September 10, 2006

Time to Go

Hiroshi's wedding at Hawaii was beautiful
Haning out with Esthefani, Benji, Hector, and Steve at Waikiki beach was tons of fun
Spending time with my relatives in Taiwan was...a lot of food
Catching up with my good friends from elementary school, high school, and college was SUPER--everybody would come out because "Deng-Deng is in town!"
Yay I feel like the cool kid

Now it's time to go again. Things I need to do when I get back to DC
1. Get my macbook fixed--if you don't know yet, 19% of the macbooks that were purchased in the summer of 2006 would shut down randomly, including mine. It's beyond annoying.

2. Find a job in the DC area

3. Find a job in the DC area

4. Find a job in the DC area

5. Find a job in the DC area

Special thanks to my friends in Taiwan for sharing their job search/working experiences with me. And I am so proud of them because they all work hard and have dreams. I want to write a lot more on my blog about this trip, but maybe not now.

2 more days in Taiwan