Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Bizarre Dream

I had a dream a few days ago, and it was about the board of bar examiners hosting a live show to announce the result of the bar exam. The show started by announcing the result of one jurisdiction, followed by a documentary regarding the history of the bar exam, and how the board wrote the exam. I kept waiting for them to announce the result of my jurisdiction and became annoyed that the documentary went on and on. Then I woke up and never knew the ending.

Well, I guess American Idol is messing with my head! I’ve always loved watching singing competition shows, and I actually followed this season’s American Idol from the audition parts. (By the way, I am so disappointed that my favorite contestant AJ got voted off last week.)

So this is my post-bar story, a bizarre dream influenced by the waiting period anxiety and my American Idol obsession, ha!