Friday, July 28, 2006

Post NY Bar

Taking the New York bar exam at the Javits Convention Center in NYC is something you never want to do again. I don’t know how many people were there, but my exam number was close to fourteen thousand, and I wasn’t even at the end of the room. Not surprisingly, the restroom line for both men and women were LONG, and everybody in line would start to panic when time is almost up. In order to avoid using the bathroom, I forced myself to drink just a few sips of water for the whole morning. And I believe most people did the same thing. So at the end of each section, we were thirsty, cold, hungry, and desperate to get out of the room. BUT, we had to stand next to our seat and wait for people to collect our test, give us an exit ticket, and we’ll have to turn in the exit ticket when we actually walk out...

I am glad the bar exam is over, even I don’t feel too good about it, and might need to do it again. But for now, I am gonna leave it behind for a while.