Friday, April 27, 2007


I was late to work for 15 minutes this morning, and one of my co-workers Tim came up to me and shook my hand. "Congratulations, we both passed", he said. I was totally speechless...and relieved

So the DC bar announced the result for the Feb 2007 DC bar exam yesterday. Finally, I passed the bar.

Monday, April 02, 2007

Apple Macbook Review-ugly facts from a real customer

This is the 3rd time for me to send my 10-month-"young" Apple Macbook in for repair. My painful experience with Macbook began after the second month—it would shut down randomly without any warning. I sent it in for repair, got it back, but the same problem occurred after 2
weeks, so I sent it in for repair again. And now, 6 months later, my Macbook started screaming one day when I woke it up, and then the screen went completely dark.

Apple Care people told me that the video chip in my Macbook is broken, and they recommended me to repair it (again) despite my request to replace it with a new one. In fact, what I really want is to get my money back because after my terrible Macbook experience, I am convinced that Apple makes crappy products.

Not to mention that right after I sent in my Macbook for repair, my I-Pod started skipping every song (and only songs) that I've bought from the I-Tune music store, which is another Apple mystery I yet to find out.

Despite all the Mac v. PC commercials that makes Mac look like a super genius, my advice is DON'T BUY IT, especially Macbooks. And for those Mac-lovers, my advice is to get an extended warranty—after all the pain and grief I've suffered, I didn't spend a penny for repairing my Macbook because I am under the "Apple Care Protection Plan", how